Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Clocks sprung forward, the weather sprung back, tipping it down, blowing a hoolie and cold, could it be Easter is coming, all the campers are getting excited at pitching in the rain etc. I want to blast about in the B+. Looks like a  day in the cave.

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Chiron  or Veyron

I hope she has a fantastic day  Paul  ,Oooh  your poor wallet will be in shock for months -:)))))))))))))

Thanks Daryl,  appreciate the sentiment mate.  Trying not to think about the wallet though. 

All the best for the weekend Paul.

I was chatting to one of our suppliers this morning while her mate hid under the desk in the thunderstorm  I found it funny that Taunton was getting lashed by hail, rain and lightning... should have kept my trap shut because it came looking for me...

Well we couldn't have asked for a better day, the sun shone, the booze and the tears flowed ........ Perfect

The Transport :-  2 Brake Horse Power  flanked by a combined total of 840 bhp

bless best wishes to them both. 

Only 840BHP???   You needed one of these.  27 litres,  1500BHP ( detuned , was 1650 )   Downside is 4MPG   .   Seriously, looks like you have had a great day, and congratulations to the bride and groom

Special congratulations to the bride -:) for emptying the old man Wallet 

so note to self and others. make sure bonnet is tied to a car, bull bar, huge rock or something, before working in wind. iv got to laugh or id be in nut house.......that may still happen . hinges ripped right through panel like butter 


ano bloody wind 

My blue one had been victim to this in a past incarnation, same hinges too. I ended up using 2 ally spreader plates on the inside when I repaired it.


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