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Clocks sprung forward, the weather sprung back, tipping it down, blowing a hoolie and cold, could it be Easter is coming, all the campers are getting excited at pitching in the rain etc. I want to blast about in the B+. Looks like a  day in the cave.

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i put mine on the outside hillbilly style :-)

Seems like we are getting some good dry weather this week, hope to make the most of it, hope the B+ stays together for me to enjoy it :-)

Yep weather is looking promising, I'm trying to pick a nice day to meet up with Ian Stent for a photo shoot of the Phaeton for CKC Magazine. Hopefully will get it done this week.

That's good news Paul, all press is good press, I think it went like that.

Photo shoot booked for tomorrow afternoon ......... ooerrr,   best get polishing ;-0

Nice one Paul, Fingers crossed for a good day mate.

Good luck

I hope that the weather is kind to you. I know that the car will look great anyway, but best of luck.

The sun is shining and the chrome gleaming, awaiting the arrival of Mr Stent ......

looking good !

Lights, Camera, Action .... 

crappy pic paul :-)))))


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