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So finally the 1st of the month arrived so i could tax my new S4 and be legal to drive on the road, feels like ages since collecting it in mid March and having it stored it at my brothers.

The first real drive was great fun and my girlfriend loves it! We did about 25 miles with no real issues.

Unfortunately we did not take a photo of our first outing in it - wished we did!

I will do my best to go out in it whenever the opportunity allows and have more fun! We had so many looks and waves, sure loads of people were wishing they had a fun car seeing us smiling from ear to ear rather than being sat in another boring production car!

Anyway, i would like to continue to tell the story of my S4 following on from Jason and Pete who previously owned it and both did a great job of providing write ups of the jobs they were attending to. I hope i can match their efforts and keep things interesting.

So the first job was to look at fitting the digital dash i had with the car from Jason, found a wiring diagram Pete posted and one from the Acewell website i went to work, with my girlfriend giving me a hand, have not finished it yet but made a good start! Hopefully be able to spend a couple of hours on it tomorrow after putting our daughter to bed!

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if you lengthen the lever on the drums you will need more effort as the ratio between the operating arm and drums will reduce........making it harder to get the required force to hold the brakes.

Increasing the distance between the pivot and the point at which you apply force increases the leverage applied to whatever is the other side of the pivot at the expense of increased motion as determined by Archimedes hence his famous statement "give me a lever long enough and I will move the world"  This is how you undo a stubborn bolt with a scaffold bar over your spanner/socket etc.

So my previous statement the longer the lever the less the effort you have to apply but the longer the distance is that needs to be traveled was indeed accurate.

Personally I can live with extra travel at the lever as long as it works and clears the shocks.

I'll look into getting some modified and if it works and people want, i'll get some more done.

The five links and the four link set ups are very prone to wear, especially the dutton factory fitted cars, (the S1 cars and earlier) the bushes wear if the link bars bind in any way due to poor bracket alignment (most of the cars i have seen have poor bracket alignment) 

what shockers are fitted to the car? the type with the spigot mounting at the top also are very prone to wear and a knocking is often the result.

handbrake cables.......how handy are you? look at my S1 rebuilds posts as i have modified my handbrake cables many times, currently i am using a Vauxhall Corsa handbrake cable on my current project......very good for length and easy to fit.

Any progress with this Aaron?

Hi Pete

Sorry for late reply, and not uploading any info on the car!

having a busy time being a dad and the working balance - I have not managed to spend anywhere near as much time on the car as originally intended! As a result I only took her out a few times before the mot ran out then the tax ran out. usual stuff i expect - really other commitments take priority!

A test / open tack day was booked by my brother with his hillclimb car and another place was offered so i took the chance and booked a day off work for the middle of last month. I therefore pushed myself to work on the car late in the evenings and put a new dash together although it was never completely finished before the track day! 

I was having a great day in my car that cost peanuts compared to these single seater race cars costing anywhere of £15k upwards (+++ in many cases), the engine pulls really well and i was getting the back end out around the corners with a massive grin, until the gears became very difficult to select and then no gears at all!

On my quick investigation the mech is still connected and nothing seems loose so i expect the box to be at fault!

I just don't have the time to even take it to an MOT station let alone replace the gearbox. Its sad to say i think i will be going to have to sell it as a project with a gear box issue and no MOT! 

I think i over paid for the car anyway so i expect this this going to be even harder when/if i go down that path!

Appoligies i dont have better news for you!

regards Aaron


I've been in a similar situation before so understand where you are coming from. Glad you had fun when you did get to use it properly, it certainly went well when I had it! I wonder if the problem is more clutch related than the gearbox. Check out the cable end at the gearbox incase it's not pulling the arm enough to disengage completely.

Hi Aaron,

Noticed the gaz coil over in one of your pictures. I have a melos with a similar rear end. what was the spec/ price on these units?

Hi Paul

Sorry i do not know they came with the car, I am sure people on here are able to give you some advice on the best options

regards Aaron

Thanks anyway,



i did alot of the fibreglass repairs to that car(with Petes help) i hope they are holding up well.....


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