Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

You may have seen a few posts asking new members to use the site and post regularly. This platform only has capacity for 150 members. Although there is not a lot of through traffic on here and it can seem abandoned from time to time if you don't post everyone will lose interest. So please let's see your car and mods, ask questions about your Dutton there is a wealth of knowledge on the site from long term Dutton owners, well those that are not in a state of a mental breakdown from owning a Dutton the ultimate collectors' car, we keep stopping to collect bits that fall off.

So come Newbies and Oldies lets make the site work again.

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Hi Toby,

I'm in Milton Keynes so not that far away. I'll see what I can arrange on the transport front. Do you have any pictures?

Hi Toby,

Have sent you a message



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