Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I have a set of  Alloy hubs  on  a car which is Ford PCD so you can obviously  fit full sets  of Ford wheels , why on earth would someone have fitted Triumph 3/8 UNF studs to  fit Ford wheels ?  

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Maybe they needed longer studs and just happened to have them? Probably didn't realise.

"There's nowt as strange as folk" (and Dutton owners are at the strange end of the spectrum)

The wheel studs on a friends mk1 escort are unf not metric as are many fittings on early escorts, Mk2 Cortina rear axle would also have been unf. They may have wanted to keep the same threads all round, that might explain it.

Yes BV but Ford studs are 7/16  Triumph are 3/8 , these are definitely 3/8 but Ford PCD

Good point

early fords were imperial....from the mid 70s they went metric.

Perhaps the modified ally hubs for triumphs used triumph studs as they would also be triumph bearings.

The other set I have Dave are Ford 7/16 studs


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