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I put up a thread about problems i was having with the car a few months ago which can be found under my post 

Any help on getting the engine running smoothly???

Hi - I need some help again with a problem I have with my Phaeton. All was going well after i fixed the carb problems but recently i have discovered a further fault. It was running ok for a short time but then I took it out for a short run on boxing day and it started to splutter and eventually cut out on me. It refused to start again and I ended up getting towed home. I have since then had no luck getting it to start since. There is a strong spark at each of the plugs 9 checked by holding each one out against the rocker cover and turning the engine over). There is also fuel getting through as the plugs are wet after turning the engine over. The timing is still set good and nothing appears to have slipped. So i am at a loss as to why the engine spins over, there is a spark and fuel - so why won't it fire up anymore? Any help greatkly appreciated.

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Getting a new high power coil delivered this week as the spark seemed almost non existent - hopefully will start again on Sunday - fingers crossed.

Good news - got the new coil on today and it fired up first time - even with the timing just roughly set.It ticked over albeit a bit roughly but it is running again at last. Going to set up the dynamic timing with my strobe and reset the carbs from baseline. So i replaced the distributor - new triple electrode plugs and a new high power coil.

Hopefully weather permitting will have it set up for a drive next weekend.

Thanks again to all those who took the time to help.

That is good news. Let's hope that the weather stays mild for next weekend.

Well it starts and runs now - set the dynamic timing with the strobe to 10 degrees BTDC. Adjusted the carb roughly to get it running leaner. We will set the carburetor better at the weekend and hopefully go for a little run to see how it goes. 


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