Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I have X Flow dizzy been converted  to electronic used but very  good order , a new water pump , and a new thrust bearing , all three for £20 posted 

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Also have a new Capri Escort speedo cable , push fit type on speedo  

ill have them daryl .....

I would need to know where to send them or shall I address them the Northern Muppet -:))

northern muppet will do fine they all know me up here :-)

That's a tidy Sierra on ebay , shame about the colour

This one?


Got a bit of history behind it, one owner from new etc.

Sadly Its going to take serious money to save it from the scrap yard due to it's component part value.

Looks to have a good reserve on it

For a Sierra it looks in very good nick too.

Does anyone know what it sold for. It does look a clean car.

It was removed before ending  so I think It will reappear as a stripped shell ,typical breakers deal  probably now an Escort

That's a shame man. Not a colour you see, and looked really really original and tidy shame.

You thinking up north east too Daryl, same as the last S3 that appeared on gumtree?


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