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Randomly purchased an unknown bike exhaust from a car boot sale yesterday.  When I got home did some Google searches, it would appear to be a titanium Yamaha R1 exhaust - not bad fro £3.  I have since done some more reading suggesting that it might be too quiet on a kit car.  What do you think?  Will be too quiet?  Anybody running an R1 can?

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I run a Kawasaki bike exhaust, it is quiet but very distinctive, I was attempting to get under the legal limit for motorsport, it has achieved that. Loud cars don't impress me much, and the police down here take a dim view of it as well. If you don't like it I will buy it off you for the "project"

Just remembered that Daniel of stealth Melos fame used to run R1 exhaust on his pinto, used to sound great when it was hurrying along.

I run a Cherry Bomb glass pack on my Phaeton and the old girl absolutely sings when I take her out.

I just bought a back box 'cherry bomb' for the Sierra in an attempt to hush it up a bit, got it from an ebay seller who does kits for full systems from £89 which I thought was quite reasonable. I paid £29 for my back box with support clamp and reducer, I'll post some pictures up when its fitted..

Adrian, I have a standard red Cherry Bomb on my Phaeton. Your black box combination will probably be a lot  a lot more quieter than mine which appears to be what you are looking for. Over here in the U.S.A. the sound of the Red Cherry Bomb just adds to the unique looks of the car. You would be amazed the attention this car draws here in Florida.

Hi James

My current setup on the sierra is a full length 2 inch pipe with a 14 inch silencer under my arse, 103Db @ 3000 rpm...admittedly measured on a phone ( well two phones but both at 3 ft and 45 degrees from the exit pipe.) as I use this daily for work with a 14 mile commute it could do with a little attenuation I think....

I did once run a bike can on my Granada 2.8 which produced a very satisfying note to the exhaust, no idea what the can was though.

I have a standard R1 can on mine, I reckon its just about quiet enough to pass the noise test for a track day. I like it, its not so loud it drones but loud enough people hear you coming.


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