Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I have a Dutton B Type fully registered, complete and a rolling chassis, modified for morris Minor front and rear axles.

it comes with a hood , windscreen and doors.

it is mostly dismantled and is in a rough condition, restorable but rough.

it need a good home, i have too much on my plate at the moment. any serious offers to rescue this car contact me...p.s. there is no engine or box with the car.......

i just dont have time.....i have my legerra in the wings and that is going to take at least a year...

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Comment by Daryl Heasman 2 hours ago

Check out the Defender panhard  rod  Steve

Comment by Steve Kerswell 13 hours ago

Panhard rod will be sussed out once the car is sitting on its wheels and leveled, about 3 years time then !!

Comment by Tony 14 hours ago

How are you going to do the Panhard rod?

Comment by Daryl Heasman 16 hours ago

You must have a big tin of that pink

Comment by James Doulton yesterday

Nice. Perhaps yellow drums?

Comment by Steve Kerswell yesterday

back axle all sorted. new brackets, new gaskets and seals. Brakes will be attacked later. May add a little colour to brighten things up :-))

Comment by James Doulton on Tuesday

They sound to be interesting people ... in a good way!

Comment by Steve Kerswell on Tuesday

the original owner is very............different! in a good way. Cross David Bellamy with Kenny Everett and your close. He had me in fits of laughter with his tales and his wife is barking too :-)  but all in the best possible taste :-). He is the mad professor from back to the future.

Comment by Tony on Tuesday

Hi Steve - interesting history!  I think the dampers are Armstrong Adjustarides - probably very collectable.


Comment by Steve Kerswell on Tuesday

Hi Tony, he did achieve ! he drove this car over the alps and also a grand tour of Eire, all on a 948 moggy engine and box. Torsion bars were bolted to the side rails with a fabricated block. Now consigned to the spares bin. I did jump up and down on it when I got it home and it did work, once I removed the dampers. Now the dampers are free they are strange, my elder brother has hijacked them for his hot rod rear end. Strange people :-)

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