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Hello and Thanks for the great welcome!

Here is my fabulous Phaeton (no idea which model).

Bought will a full MOT and driven home from Reading to the Rhondda Valley with no problems.....

Its actually my step sons car, he's 15 and we home educate him, this is his major mechanical project over the next couple of years, he plans to use it as his first car.....crazy fool.

The plan is to keep it on the road but gradually bring it up to scratch and have lots of fun around the Welsh mountain roads till he takes over ownership once he has a licence.

Its a x-flow (698 block?) with ford 4 speed, leaf springs and live axle.

We might look to change the motor to make it more insurance friendly for him later, any suggestions would be great. The boy is talking about a fireblade engine but I'm not sure that would be more insurance friendly!

As you can see, I'm not the smallest bloke (6ft 5inches tall) and hes not far off so ergonomics are on the list too but as long as I take my right shoe off I can drive safely.........

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Comment by Paul Browne on October 16, 2017 at 16:16

Yes he does wear that helmet every time we go out in it.....

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