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Hey all, I'm back...again. I'm going to try not and make a habbit of this back and forth-ing lark.

The story so far (cliff notes addition); kit kept at my Grandads, he died middle of last year denting morale and motivation, house on the market (been a nightmare in its own right), realised I now had nowhere to keep the car, parents are buying a house in Somerset with a garage and have said I can move my Phaeton to there and although it means it will be 145 miles away it's practically speaking, my only option. So I planned on selling the kit, I took the pictures and then wrote the advert which literally almost brought me to tears because I realised how invested I am. Decided to persevere no matter what.

I realised my biggest issue with my current job (rear suspension upgrade) was that I can't weld and the cars current placement outside makes welding difficult without the correct rig (so I'm told).

Considering I had already been speaking with Dave Gallop from Track Developments for advice and information I decided to see if he was willing and able to take it and weld it all up for me (as well as double check my maths and design). He was, so after agreeing a price, three weeks later my Dad and I rented a trailer and made the journey to Dave. That was Monday.

It also offered another useful experience, I actually got to drive it for the first time!!! Granted only about 150 feet from the trailer into the workshop but still, exciting times!

Progress is finally being made, and I fully intend to keep going.

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Comment by Adrian Southgate on September 29, 2019 at 10:38


The fact it is moving under it's own power is brilliant, better than my current project.

Comment by Brian Victor Arthur Pratt on September 25, 2019 at 21:47
Well done Toby you keep going

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