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I’ve really got my mojo back within the past couple of months.

Brake lines have been removed.
Loom as been cut out.
Steering column has been removed.
Scuttle has been cut off (previously was bonded to the bulkhead).
Left hand side aluminium side skin has been removed.
Tried to remove the bulkhead and foot wells but they won’t fit out of the chassis as there are lumpy bits of fibreglass in the way. Does anyone know how this were originally fitted into the vehicle?
I’m tempted to just lop the side off of the passengers’ foot well and then reform it flat. Passengers will have slightly less room but not necessarily in the places where it matters.

It is my current plan to remove everything and just leave it as a rolling chassis. Then I’m going to sand it back to bare metal, prime and paint with POR15 rust prevention paint and then cover with the POR15 top coat. This will be tricky as I don’t have the space to store the engine anywhere so I’m going to have to lift it out of the car, roll the car into the alleyway to sort it whilst leaving the engine dangling from the crane. Going to book a long weekend from work in a week or two and just knuckle down and get it done. Then I’ll be able to start building it up again.

Any tips, tricks or things to bear in mind whilst going about doing all this?

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Comment by Pete Clayton on March 15, 2020 at 22:34

The bulk head comes out from the front, you need the engine and box out and then its a case of just tilting it to the correct angle to get it to come free.

Comment by Brian Victor Arthur Pratt on March 15, 2020 at 9:33

Toby the inner tub will not come out unless all the other body work  is off the chassis and even then you have to get rough with it , cleaning up the chassis use an angle grinder with a rotary  wire brush , knotted type  not the cup type,  HOWEVER USE AN AUTOMATIC TYPE WELDING MASK WITH GRINDING SETTING ON IT AND GOOD PAIR OF LEATHER GARDENING GLOVES TO PROTECT YOUR FACE AND HANDS , otherwise you will look like  a bloody pin cushion , 

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