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Wow I haven't done an update in a long time :/

Cliff notes

- New fuel tank ordered...issues encountered.

- Master cylinders refurbished, honed and now with new seals. Refitted.

- Pedals cleaned up.

- Brake calipers fully refurbished with all new parts including a repaint.

- Brakes refitted and bled...then one seized, assumed it only minor so temporarily ignored.

- Clutch slave cylinder refurbished, honed and now with new seals. Refitted.

- Clutch was jammed on but we eventually, and accidentally, un-jammed it (there's a funny story to that).

ATTEMPTED A TENTATIVE FIRST DRIVE!!! partially to see if it would un-seize the brake.


- Sticky throttle also encountered, since been cleaned up.

- Lots of faffing (and damaging the brand new paint on the calipers Grrr) finally realised it was a collapsed flexi-hose. Will be ordering new ones all round soon.

- New tyres all round. Kankang Econex NA-1.

- Rear part of fibreglass body (rear tub?) removed/unbolted. Partially removed anyway

- Roll-bar hacked off, going to a place near Bristol to get a new roll bar made up tomorrow. Tada

So, my question to everyone here. Which shock absorbers do I buy?

I know sod all about them other than their basic function. I don't want anything massively over the top as I'm never going to go extreme racing, but I also don't want anything cheap and nasty.

I was looking at these for the rear simply because it says they are a direct replacement.

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