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At 20:21 on August 4, 2011, Dave Taylor said…
Did you make France Dave?
At 4:21 on May 2, 2011, Tom Ger_Phaeton S2 said…

Hi Dave,

I am verry lucky to have two more friends in england  :-)))


If you see I am verry buisy in this time....  


Today I have buy a Scorpio 2.9  24V Cossworth 140000 Km :-)))


New Parts for a new Project ;-)


Kind regards for Sandra



At 18:13 on February 11, 2011, Dave Taylor said…
Cheers Dave I get the idea now. Do you have to program in the diameter of the circle the magnet transcribes? (that sounds good if Martin is reading)
At 21:39 on February 10, 2011, Dave Taylor said…
Any luck with the photos of the sensor set up, Dave
At 9:10 on February 8, 2011, Dave Taylor said…
Have you got photos of the sensor set up on the car?
At 19:39 on February 7, 2011, Dave Taylor said…
Hi Dave, I believe you use a Vapour dash in your car. My question, where do you place the censor for the speedo.
At 23:43 on January 25, 2011, Dave Taylor said…
don't tell me about falling over, I am in Belgium at a sales conference / jolly boys ( according to my wife) and as they have a surplus of beer I have to help clear it, but I have got to an age where it leak's away about every hour. So yessh you geusshhhed it I have to drink some more, yehshhh.
At 16:51 on January 25, 2011, Dave Taylor said…
you can't really call it a foot if it's not 12" as i have been telling folk since I was 13. I don't know how these tiny feeted people manage not to sink into soft ground.
At 13:14 on December 27, 2010, Tom Ger_Phaeton S2 said…

Hello Dave,

I saw the picture of the duttonforums UK and take a comment there. Nice study 



At 11:34 on December 23, 2010, Tom Ger_Phaeton S2 said…

Hi Dave,

thx for your compliment.......  to much super7 driver are to arogant.... I am shure that this the movement for me to build a better car.  ;-)

:-))))   If you want to buy a car from me .......  in any case not the "Malaga" from Alexa  lol 

That car is her's 

best wishes


At 11:56 on December 20, 2010, Paul Sheridan said…

I have never used Skype, i will have to set up an account and learn a bit about it first.  I think I will leave a message on Tom's wall and talk to him that way for the time being.

At 14:00 on December 19, 2010, Paul Sheridan said…

Hello Dave

Do you converse with our German friends at all?  if so, what is the best way?

  I would like to find out a bit more about the way Tom moulded his dashboard, it looks like he has done it with some sort of foam, but not sure if he made a plug for GRP. Also I rather like the side skirts that Jorg has fitted to his machine. Unfortunately my German is non existant (should have paid more attention at school !!! ) 

What do you think.




At 18:31 on September 17, 2010, Adrian Southgate said…
At 23:21 on August 25, 2010, Paul Sargisson said…
Hi Dave - thank you for the welcome message
At 5:49 on June 1, 2010, Wim said…
Thanks Adam,i have seen the german website
only took a peak at the picture and the technical section to be honest :)
and my english is al lot better than my german

grts wim

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