Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

                 Out at the SW club bun fight last evening and someone has been in contact with the Historic boys about all the new rules. Long story shortened, seems they are not interested in the kit car people, put up with us to swell their ranks etc. This SW committee are contacting other areas about forming a National Kit Car Register due to the failing of so many clubs (like ours I suppose) Lots of talk within other clubs are favourable. This would put kit cars on a more even field in the law stakes regarding inspections etc. They would use qualified engineers like the Historic guys. It could also, being a national register help the fight against improper use of V5's etc. on other kits. Its all a bit vague at present but the people pushing it, who are pretty switched on, will have a lot more to present at Stoneleigh.

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Seems to be the norm. We are all doomed :-)


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