Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I went for a '5 super car driving experience' yesterday at the Shakespeare County Raceway near Stratford-upon-Avon which my kids had bought for me. I drove a Nissan GT-R, an Audi R8 (V8), an Aston Martin DB9 (V12), a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a Ferrari F430. They were all nice cars but the one that impressed me most was the Porsche.

As a teenager I used to get Autosport magazine at a time when Porsche were dominating Le Mans and the sports car scene with the 917 (there was a replica 917 at Stoneleigh). A few years later a friend I had known from university got a good job and had an old 2.2litre 911. It was shocking - I nearly lost my teeth going over the joins in the tarmac. That really exploded the myth.

I wasn't expecting to like the Porsche this time but I was pleasantly surprised. It was smooth, refined and comfortable. Plus it went like a rocket when the turbo was spun up. I love that turbo surge. The GT-R was similar, being a turbo, but it was rougher. The normally aspirated cars just didn't have the same exciting madness.

I really enjoyed the day. They had put out cones to create chicanes and the instructors keep telling you to change up early, before you hit the real power, and to brake early and hard. I didn't necessarily comply. I only got 3 laps in each car, so there wasn't time to get too used to each car (or to get too carried away).

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So a turbo Legerra is in the mix as well James, hot, hot, hot :-)

A turbo is always there, in the melting pot. The trouble is there are so many other things to do too!

omg id love that james. impressive :-)

I'm not sure that I'd want the GT-R in that colour. It was a monster but it was rough when pootling around the car park and the visibility to the front was not as good as the other cars. I wouldn't turn it down if you gave it to me but it'd need a respray.

The Aston is actually dark green. The wheels look the same as the Fiesta ones on my Legerra. The guy kept saying that it was a heavy car but I didn't feel that. Both performance and class, looks and road presence - that's a keeper.

id choose the porch out of them just for looks definetly. 

The Audi was a nice, light and responsive drive with good visibility. There is no pretence of rear seats and little space for luggage so I'm not sure I could use it for holidays.

if things continue we will all be driven around buy computers soon. must say the driverless car has no appeal to me. i love driving. ....ban em   :-)))

I read an article on why driverless cars, seems there will be less accidents, yeah right. Talk of doing it with HGV first, a convoy of lorries. That could be a train then. Imagine if one breaks down, chaos. On topic, I'd have another Porsche, but I can't afford the parts, long live Dutton's and their owners :-))


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