Dutton Kit Cars and their owners


There is an interesting V8 Dutton on ebay which looks pretty good - 122459510528

The guy is asking £3400 for it, including the trailer, so not a ridiculous price but that partly depends on what has been done to it. It is rather difficult to know whether it is a bargain with lots of trick parts or not. The seller says that it has a race tuned engine but the pictures look fairly standard apart from the throttle cables. It occurred to me that the reason that he had no takers might be because other people had the same thoughts. I imagined that if I asked him then maybe he'd realise what was missing and add my query and his response to the listing. Seems fairly sensible, yeah?

So I asked the guy "Can you provide more information on the engine modifications that have been done or the parts that are fitted?"

The response I got was "No I cant who the hell do you think I am a Tranny ????"

I wonder if everyone is like that in Wimborne, or is it just the effect that I have on people?

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I have certain words for this guy, but as this forum is public I won't comment.  He has bought and sold numerous Dutton's.  When I bought my S3 from him a few years ago, he was selling 3 at the time. Only when I got the S3 home realised it was a cracked head on my v6, no wonder he was so pushy to sell.  Personally I would not go near him.

I've just noticed that it is the same chap that has the blue V6 "RS3100" on ebay.


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