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Hi all,

Due to a forthcoming Puma engine conversion on the RS Trainer, it looks like I'm going to end up with a glut of Puma spares, including a spare 1.7 engine.

And, with the 1800 CVH in the Dutton being well overdue for an upgrade, cunning plans are starting to form.

So, as the Zetec SE is a funny bolt pattern, does anyone know of a readily-available adaptor plate or bellhousing to get the Zetec SE on my MT75 transmission? I know there's one available for the Type 9, but I want to keep the MT75.

Or, do I punt the spare 1.7 engine for £100 and just look for a 2.0 zetec with the right bolt pattern?


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I'm pretty sure the Type 9 and MT75 share bolt patterns, input shaft size and clutch cable fixing points. Not 100% certain they are the same length but if yours in already in then that's a win.

They also fit the DOHC 2l from the Sierra.

I hear the water rail becomes an issue if you need to change the thermostat once converted to RWD and that the starter configuration can also give issues.

The only one I know of is the Caterham bellhousing. Not sure if its their own or they buy them in. There's no Ford production RWD bell that mates up with the Sigma engine.

Not without a special bellhousing. The Zetec SE (Sigma) has a unique bellhousing pattern designed to go with the IB5 upgrade transmission.

Hey Vern, sorry for dragging up some an old post, but just a quick question. What was so "upgraded" about this ib5 in the Puma?

I'm trying to get one to fit in my RST but its just different enough to the Focus box to be a problem. Beyond the bolt pattern and the cable vs rod shift, I've noticed one major difference. On the Focus box there is only one gear selector rod, and hence only one detent. On the Puma box, there is a main selector rod with a detent, but this also works a pivot mechanism which operates a dedicated 5th gear selector shaft with its own detent.

It's this 5th gear shaft (part of the 5th gear housing) that sits where the chassis rail is on the RST.

I'm wondering if I can take the Puma ib5 casing, strip it all out, and rebuild it with Focus internals, converting to cable-shift, using the single change rod and using the Focus 5th gear housing that doesn't have the awkward bit.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the responses, guys. Kinda come to the conclusion that it's not going to be easy or cheap enough to make it a goer. The hunt for a rotten Focus or Mondeo goes on.

the puma bell housings do come up from time to time....no use for the MT75 as they don't have separate bell housings. you could get an adaptor plate made up but like the bell housings they wont be cheap. i think the puma is a yamaha derived engine so finding a gearbox in rwd is likely to be a long look.

the puma is probably best sold and a 1.8 or 2.0 zetec sourced.... on carbs the zetec is 175 for the 2.0 and about  155-160 for the 1.8....given that the 1.8 is way more common why bother looking for the 2.0? besides you could do with the 1.8 flywheel anyway so just get the 1.8.

Cheers Dave - all very good points. Might switch the search to an 1800. Much to choose between silvertop and blacktop, other than PATS, etc?

i have both the mondeo and focus 1.8 zetecs.... the focus zetec i have fitted with the ford PATS system reused. it went very well 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds. the focus was an easy fit. the focus is a different ecu from the mondeo and the engine has different engine sensors.. also the clutch friction plates are different BUT the pressure plates are the same.... even though the friction plates are very different in size. the mondeo clutch is a fit onto the ford RWD boxes the focus friction plate wont fit.(smaller centre splines.)

early silver tops are easier to get counter rotating water pumps for.....but its not hard to get the black tops in a dutton and up and running. they are quite tall engines. look at my S1 rebuilds posts its quite comprehensive on how.....

puma bellhousing...

they can be bought......... if you have a spare 189 quid.

That's to fit the Type 9 / Rocket boxes, guessing the MT75 would be different, no?

MT75 box does not have removable bell housings....


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