Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

seems this has raised its head again with a few mods. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/roadworthiness-testing-...

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Well, got my gold watch today (actually it's titanium) seems my mates all chipped in, big pleasant surprise. Off out now to for a top nosh and a few gins with the wife and kids. Where did those 50 years go?? Notice I posted it in historic stuff. :-))

Nice one Steve. Hope you have a good evening.

Well done OLD boy  

lol what spare time ...he will be half retired with one foot in the grave. full time job duttons :-)

Decorating you just watch

Congratulations Steve. Now the real work starts...

Congratulations Steve, Have a great night

many thanks for all the well wishes? had a great night, Plymouth Gin house was packed with ship yard engineers (that was a surprise) and it did get a bit raucous. But hey, you pass this way once, leave a mark :-))

of course sir :-)


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