Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Does anyone know the history of my car? Based on its front fenders it is kind of unique. It was originally blue and yellow when I purchased it here in Florida 10 years ago. I repainted the yellow white. It has a Hillman Hunter Drivetrain and no serial number tag on the frame. I have the original UK license plate XEV65IL.

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Well the numbers are pretty crudely stamped on the plate. Maybe he wanted to add his initials to the end?

My chassis number is related to the builder of the car, so you could be correct in thinking that.

Thanks for all your responses guys. Interesting information and at least now I know that the drivetrain came out of a Humber Sceptre not a Hillman Hunter. I would still love to know who built the old girl over there and find out more build information. The unique front fenders and rocker panels add-on shows that the builder put in a lot of effort into putting the old girl together.


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