Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

It's tempting and a good price.

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Just chassis and body will go have a look. It just means I become a noddy owner :/
I brought the hardtop just for the doors. I have enough on at the moment and got space to put on the back burner I thinking I will get this one. If I don't the hard top will be for sale
They look great for trails cars and that's what I'm think :)

Nick, look into my eyes, not round , but into, now  repeat after me, i want a melos, i want a melos  see, it wasnt that bad,  be part of the future, the noddy future, tell you what paint it black , line it in gold, call it Noddy 2 :))))))

all joking apart, they do grow on you,  they stand out  apart from the rest of the 7 clones,  and will be a good addition to your pheation, but what ever you do, dont park them to close together, or wash them after midnight  strange things happen when you do 

i,v got a melos ,,body + chassis+v5 with valuable reg number available
The Melos I saw looked awesome and purpose built for trails noddy would have to sit this out lol

well upto now i have refriend from putting it on ebay for the locost builders ,,, but since the DOC seam to want to say what should be this n, that, then fall out amongst them selves

why should i hold on to it  just incase

i must admit that a member on here has totally ,rattled, my cage by thinkin he is entitled to every thing dutton for next to nowt because he is a DOC member ,,and he started this near three years ago, for me he has one handed ,f@''ed the DOC up ,,,,,, he knows who he is,,,,,

thats why so many people a dealers are killing ,duttons,,

i have held of and done my upmost to save (at some personal expense and loss) to save what i could   but to no thanks at all

now what i have will all be sold ,,bar my own car,, to who ever wants it

well thats about it it may answer some questions


good bye


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