Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

MOT time
Going in now wish me luck !

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They are the ones that came with the car and are not supposed to have done a lot of miles, the story was the car was built for track days and driven there and back the previse owner did not put a great deal of miles on it in fact it was almost undrivable as a road car, I probably put less than 15 k on it. I did think of changing them my self but it gets expensive and I then purchased the Leggera. 

There to hard Paul next to no movement in them
Front o/s is worn and makes the car lower on that side

Are well time as well as use takes its toll and they are quite old, and yes they are hard but not a lot of body roll on corners just need a smooth road/track.

The damper will not affect the ride hight unless the mounting eyes are worn out or the damper is bent and not fully expanding, do both dampers pull out to the same length ?. The spring sets the ride hight by pulling the damper rod to its internal stop point. 

To be honest Paul think they are siezed o/s front doesn't move at all even under load
The other three bearley move 20mm

I had a set of koni's on a mini once, fitted them new and the car stood for 11 months when the next mot came round they were all leaking :(


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