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Been squirreling away a few idea's and parts the last few weeks. Even bought a rusty MX5. So thinking now about a small engine. Like a fiesta 1400 or these 1.25. The easy way is the MX5 engine and box, plus maybe a narrowed MX5 back axle assembly. The mixer is 1800 5speed and a slip diff. Been welded poorly in all the places they rust, but goes really well. Almost a shame to break it up. So back to small engines, any input?

It is going in a B type, which will be small and light, I hope 

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Northerners??? NO :-)

time for some to get their finger out, MAY !!!!

Slowly picking up the pieces. After a nightmare with a spark plug stuck down a hole, finally getting to move forward. Thinking Bike carbs, not certain or even why. Just advice from a fellow MX5 track day car owner :-) Probably end up with the standard injection with a home modified plenum, Hope to get the head on this evening and then almost ready for final fit. Just ordered the aluminum for the panels, inside. Not certain which way I may go with the outside yet. But plenty of time for that. Mx5 steering column turned up for a fiver with keys and the plugs I need, so a shed load to start on now. Plus the B+ needs a master cylinder or a seal kit, its a remote one and I cannot remember which one I bought !

Are you thinking of chopping the standard plenum? Is that made of ally? I would be fascinated to see that. Would you weld it or use some of the magic alloy? I've seen videos on YouTube where people have done things that sort of size by putting them on a gas barbeque to heat up the whole lump and then use a smallish torch on the area that they want to work. If I did that then I'd be bound to set my clothes on fire - but probably safer than heating things up in the oven when the missus was out!

@ Daryl, no nothing really wrong. Just need to cut a hole in bonnet, which I was hoping to avoid. Modify the plenum or try the bike carbs, early days yet, just thinking outside the box :-)

@ James, if I go that way, I'll invite you down to watch, however it is cast Aluminum, so could throw a few bits of porosity at me.

That would be fun, I can bring my own visor, apron & gloves. It could be a bit of a master class.

I have been offered twin 40's as well. I do no want to cut the bonnet, but its a fair way off that yet, I have been offered a chopped bonnet from a Phaeton, as a starter I may try that .

is your mx5 engine 1or 1.8?

1.6 Vern

I have messaged you :)

1.6 and 1.8 from '89 to '99 are basically the same, 1.8 engine is longer hence inlet/exhaust manifolds and cams don't interchange. Its the gearbox that caused me a problem when I looked at trying to fit one in a Phaeton S3/4 its do-able just requires a bit of cut and shut of the trans tunnel.

Here's todays question :-) I have started my propshaft build, so how far in or out of the tail of the gearbox should it sit? 1/2 way? 3/4 ?


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