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Been squirreling away a few idea's and parts the last few weeks. Even bought a rusty MX5. So thinking now about a small engine. Like a fiesta 1400 or these 1.25. The easy way is the MX5 engine and box, plus maybe a narrowed MX5 back axle assembly. The mixer is 1800 5speed and a slip diff. Been welded poorly in all the places they rust, but goes really well. Almost a shame to break it up. So back to small engines, any input?

It is going in a B type, which will be small and light, I hope 

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1964 Consul Capri, the good shaped one, back brakes, grafted on a Corsair 2000 back axle. With A Cortina diff, simple when you know, innit :-))) they are big brakes, they stop now !!!

the back stops first, stretching the car !!

Well, I can confirm that the front stopping first is a BAD idea!

What petrol tank have you got there? It looks quite low slung for a low centre of gravity and plenty of boot space.

Hi James, belated Birthday Greetings by the way, the tank is an unknown, holds about 6 gallons. Its not to low, never grounded it, I think ! It is below the boot floor though. The front is a very tight fit to the panhard rod. I had to persuade the rod to miss !!

been out and about the last two days, lovely sun, tad chilly in the shade. Car stops great, I wonder if they have been slightly off for the last few years. MOT shows them OK though. Just feels far more stopping power now. 

yes, summer is leaving, time for some serious B type work.

no, Daryl, haven't touched it in month's lost my way with it, nearly broke it etc. Back at it now, fuel lines tomorrow and start the rear wiring, then can get the tub mounted full time. And the seat tub too

Bloody weather!! all ready to hit the B type and the sun is shining, bit chilly, but off we went, another good day batting around the lanes and highways of Devon. Never missed a beat. Thirsty? well mid 20's, not bad for a 44 year old engine. Body work is getting a concern. Lots of nicks and scratches, crazing etc. A lot seem to be just the paint. Maybe its gone hard or something, car does flex a fair bit. Still, pounds per mile? I reckon I'm well in credit. Hope it last another few days, weather and car !! Plans to go on one more raid to the coast. MOT man will be shocked at the way the mileage has climbed.

its getting to the point of not bothering with it, but I hope to find some energy soon.

been all day on the B type, and got very little to show, had to make some fiddly brackets and weld on to hold the fuel pipes. Bracket for the new fuel pump and finish off the brake and clutch lines. Just seem to be knocking out little boring jobs before I glue the tub on. Then the panels will be trimmed and fitted, so hope that things suddenly look a bit better and fires me up.


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