Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

New season, get those cars out on the roads gents ...... and post your pics.  Pub sign pics of course.  

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Love the pub pic rule. Can’t wait to start collecting my own gallery.

Great day for Stoneleigh AGM alfresco :-) hope you all have a great day, will try next year to pull the stops out 

who is the chairman ?

The weather was really good except for a few of us who got a bit red in the sun yesterday doing gardening under orders of our other halves. Actually that might have only been me.

There were fewer stands in the halls but there was a throng of visitors. There were possibly fewer kit cars in the club areas. You will have to hurry up and come before the show collapses.

The AGM was held outside in the shade under the trees because the pokey little club tent was too warm and stuffy (stuffy as in having too much stuff in it and stuffy as in too little fresh air). As I had already said that I was giving up my position as Editor, then I didn't lead the meeting or take minutes.

Then after the AGM there was a barbeque that was provided by Rob Saul and cooked by Paul Sheridan.

BTW Paul's car looked and sounded fantastic. As he left, which required manoeuvring over the steep edge of the grass, then we all got to see that it is just as spotless underneath as it was on top. 

Agreed thats one of the best looking duttons I've ever seen. Every aspect of that car is done well. He should be proud of that wee car.


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