Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

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Just had a "chat" with the company selling this.  I think he got the message and said he would remove the car from sale.

? why is he removing this from sale.

no idea

questioning him how is this a Dutton when it looks nothing like when etc he said he would with draw from selling

Its not listed as a Dutton, why do you think it is?

Ahh I see now.

he has changed the advert. it read Dutton Malaga NG

check out the other advert he has


he also said on the phone to me.. the V5C says Dutton

DVLA says 

Vehicle details

  • Vehicle make DUTTON
  • Date of first registration May 1989
  • Year of manufacture 1989
  • Cylinder capacity (cc) 1600 cc
  • CO₂Emissions Not available
  • Fuel type PETROL
  • Export marker No
  • Vehicle status Not taxed
  • Vehicle colour RED
  • Vehicle type approval Not available
  • Wheelplan 2 AXLE RIGID BODY
  • Revenue weight Not available

I think this was on ebay before, maybe two years ago. Maybe another NG in red with the same issue...

There is a genuine Malaga B+ on the same site LINK.. wait for it


Looks like a B plus chassis so 'technically' it is a Dutton

Yeah you're right Daryl, there is only one B+, and I have it, all other Dutton's are just following, like bloody sheep, bahhh :-))


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