Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

some pics of the rebuild process,

the top trailing arm bracket is broke......

the diff is sloping back a little (looking up) so that will need sorting.......

As you can see there isn't a lot of bracing in an S1 chassis, that will be sorted.

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So are you making a steel inlet, or are you going to weld aluminium?

We cheated and bought one ready made. Otherwise it uses all those parts.


Ally would be nice....but it's likely to be steel.....
I looked at buying a manifold. But I am too tight to pay for one...☺☺
Sure I have alu one and plastic.

My inlet manifold adaptor plate made from 3mm thick plate.....just need some short tubes about 1 1/2" diameter to make the inlet runners and fit to a plenum. ...hopefully a runner soon.

A little more filing for the ports and it's good enough...

Did you do it by hand Dave, in true pioneering spirit ???

Yes I did......and a royal pain in the bum it was too.....

Chain drilled. Cold chiseled. ..and hand filed.

Love it :-))

Good job!

Fitted to the injector plate cut from the old plastic manifold. ...

Trial fitted to the engine....to check for clearance and to work out the angle to cut the inlet runners.


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