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some pics of the rebuild process,

the top trailing arm bracket is broke......

the diff is sloping back a little (looking up) so that will need sorting.......

As you can see there isn't a lot of bracing in an S1 chassis, that will be sorted.

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might look at fitting a separate sender.....

easiest solution i think.

I have a single lambda sensor on the Eagle RV setup. I've often suspected high fuel consumption but never gone to the lengths of a proper test, esp as I had fuel filler / leakage problems until recently - and it would help if the speedo worked (need a converter box....)

However it runs flawlessly - albeit with a warning light from the ECU about that missing plug.

Could it be 2 separate problems (one of them being an air leak)?

stripped off the inlet manifold. there is obvious signs of over fuelling ( as if i didnt know....) there was also signs that the inlet manifold gasket had failed. so i bought some 0.8mm rubberised paper gasket, that should sort it especially if i also use an instant gasket as well.

Lambda sensor seems to have a short on it, further checks needed but in any case i have ordered a new one, the information i have been looking at and down loading seems to suggest that it is a good idea to replace them at 60,000 miles anyway.

also fitting my Mondeo injector rail, it has a Schroeder valve on one end for easier fuel pressure checking....it also has different injectors and pressure regulator.......so hopefully ruling out lots of issues in one fell swoop.

When we used this plenum which needs part of the original ford inlet, for the injector connection, we did initially have some air leak problems near some edges where the original must have been very thin. These have been sorted not by gasket material but by car body filler, thickening a few bits as well as smoothing some rough bits.

Has lasted so far and (in principle) means standard gaskets can be used in future.

Not sure whether air leaks could account for over fuelling? Both Phaeton and Eagle have the same setup with no Cat and only one Lambda although only the Phaeton has the non-standard inlet. If the lack of second Lambda is a serious problem then it must affect both cars - not to say that it definitely isn't....

Fix the air leaks and see what happens.

My home made plenum looks very similar.....

Solved my fuel gauge problem.......

Bought a new sender with 52mm gauge as a matched pair......13 quid posted.....bodge it onto my existing fuel pump mount......sorted.


fuel trims LTFT +25% STFT 0 +/- 1%

tick over at 1100rpm

now had new thermostat (was opening too soon)  new AFS, and TPS fuel pump, injectors and pressure regulator.

Oh and a new inlet manifold gasket (the one between the plenum and the injector plate.) no difference......

SO off comes the inlet manifold ....again.... and i blank off the openings spray it with soapy water and pressure it a little....

and 3 or 4 air leaks one quite big next to the throttle body which was very hard to spot even after the soap, it was quite big as well.

so its all plugged off and reassembled and it ticks over at a better but still to high speed. 990-1000 rpm. but more importantly the fuel trims are now LTFT 0, STFT -10 to -14...... a short run it should have learnt the new settings, and i will look again. then I should get both the LTFT and STFT at about 0 +/_ 2

lets see shall we.

Well LTFT settled down to +22%....

Better but not much.....or I think. It seems the maximum they read is +25%.

So off came the manifold ....again. and several more air leaks found. All smaller but nonetheless air leaks.

What I can say is even as it is now it's LOADS better.

So hopefully once all done and dusted it's fully sorted.

Well finally got the fuel trims to somewhere like normal......lots and lots of small air leaks.

So went out for a blast.....it's very quick even compared to my old 2.0L pinto. But car has some strange handling so not flat out.

Just got into my drive way and this happens. ..

No damage done....it's was the bottom ball joint........

You woz lucky there Dave, glad no damage and you are safe.

That could have been quite nasty, luck was with you (for a change?). Any idea why the ball joint failed? You only just had it MOT'ed, didn't you?

The 2 litre Pinto should be pretty similar in torque to an 1800 Zetec-E. Is it just that the Zetec revs better? Or is it a lot more responsive?


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