Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Out of interest, how many (if any) of these made it to production and now survive? I'd love to find one... same question for Beneto.

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I have a genuine chassis cab,I knew of 2 others,Ian bidmead a early founding father of the DOC had one and the AGM was conducted from it once and someone on here (was it spanners ?) had one but don't know what happened to that ?
Doubt chassis cab numbers ever got into double figured ?

Spanners one is about, owned by the brother of another Sierra owner, who's name I have forgot at present. I did try to buy it from him as he has not touched it, but negotiations broke down about a year back. Will try to contact him.

I think the spanners one was a genuine pick up not a chassis cab. Thats the blue one he got for nothing.

A pickup is probably the better purchase, would be interested in either.

Anthony Godden (on here) has a blue pickup or his did when we went to the Exeter Kitcar show back in 2013 (ah the good old days).

According to "the A-Z of Kitcars" there were only 7 pickups made and 50 Sierra dropheads. It didn't mention the chassis-cab version but there is a photo of a Sierra based campervan which looks like it might be based on a chassis-cab.

Beneto's there were 12. There was an unregistered (red?) one on ebay a year or so ago. One of the club committee had a blue one - was that Nick Chick?

I dare say the numbers are for kits sold, not cars registered, and some sound rather like estimates.

Hey, Steve Kerswell - get the angle grinder out and turn your Sierra estate into a pick-up, you've got a buyer!

if i was to build another car  i think it will be a pick up.....had one before.....unfortunately they tend to be very useful for all your family as well.

Thank you James, I will put yet another idea in the raffle hat. Soon will have to shake it about and pick the result :-)

Anthony's pick up was a chopped down estate. If I went that way it would have to be stepside I think.

Sadly, the red Beneto wasn't registered, got sold to an escort breaker near Glasgow, stripped and then offered to the club for more than he paid for the complete car. I didn't have the funds or storage back then so couldn't recover it. As far as I know it was destroyed.

Nick Chick has one, Mark Young has another. Very few actually exist on the club records and I think those two could be the last registered ones.

That has been sorted, carbon fibre plates and epoxy glue. Good to have friends :-)


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