Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Seems people have been unable to contact anyone about their bookings. It has been removed from the list of events in the Stoneleigh guide.

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I visit the Doc site weekly,the only person who has been on there recently to post anything is a guy who posted a message about a Rico
People find the doc site ok,but it lists and has links to 4 forums Dutton blog,Mr g,s,ning and the doc forum
Everyone jumps on here or more are going facebook
Shortly the links to Dutton blogs,Mr g,s and ning will be removed from the the DOC site
People need to look at the Dutton site and see the massive amount of information and help that is on there rather than jumping to another forum

I can never log in to the DOC site, there is load of very outdated information on there that needs updating. I belong to another forum that runs great, however, the administration is very relaxed and good rumoured. I agree with a huge amount said beforehand on this post, sad times maybe.

Whilst I understand what you are trying to do Rob you can't force people to use only the club site nor extort them into being a club member in order to be part of the community. People, being social animals, will simply go somewhere else which is what they have already done. The club needs to understand that this idea of using the club only,sanctioned resources, are the outdated 20th century approach that is not providing what people want. Yeh sure there are a few luddites who still hanker after the old days but the dwindling membership is due to disaffection bourne out of the club and its past committee's inaction. Its not the dwindling number of Duttons around thats the problem so much as the membership that has dwindled away - I am a member of two other car clubs where the number of members exceeds the number of cars! 

If the club offers nothing it cannot be surprised that people decide not to renew their membership.

I fear that due to the ever decreasing amount of Duttons actually on the road and used enthusiastally, that this situation with the club is beyond rectification. Sad but true, there just isnt enough people to generate the required amount of interest. 

The only saving hope is if Rob can reinvent the marque and breed a new lease of life into the name......... No pressure mate!

James funny you should mention that !
At the AGM (1992) an increase was agreed,only the second one since the club formed in may 1990 and it went up to £9
Club had. £2449.50 from subscriptions
. £216.30 from regalia
. £193.50 donations to the club plus £7.50 gpo refund

We made £2866.80 an spent £2602

'92 was shortly after I was deported from Stevenage to Bristol. I am now being paid 4 times what I was back then.

Paul "phaeton 5" is under development ! Not going to make any money on it an calling in a few favours but gonna have fun !

92? I was working overseas, first time I hit the big tax bracket, 40p in the pound for going over 20K, happy days 


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