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Which is the easiest way to get ground clearance
I have about 50mm from ground to sump
Can I raise the engine ? If so how have people done it ?

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Probably 50mm
Lol the amount of times I've had to stop and go another way
On my second sump :/

what engine do you have and has the car been lowered?

1300 crossflow
No it's not been lowered but needs to be
Personally I think it sits to high
If I dropped it 30mm the car would clear speed humps
Just the bloody sump issue

Wow you must have a very deep sump, maybe from an auto. A colleague of mine has a Phaeton S3 with a 1600 xflow and has aprox 100mm between ground and sump, if toy look does it look like the bottom of the bellhousing hangs slightly below the bottom of the sump? Clearance to the bonnet, is that clearance above the carb?


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