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OK finally got round to getting the Melos MOTd and after 2 days of driving remembered why i got her in the first place. However a slight over egsuberance on Morrisons car park has led to a snapped handbrake cable. :( and so to question 1.
Question 1: Melos was built from an Escort Mk1 donor so assume MK1 handbrake cable required. But is a Mk1 and Mk2 cable same?

Question 2: 2nd year of an MOT advisory regards lack of silver in headlights! figured i'd treat the old girl to a new st of angel eye headlights (nice set of iridium angel eyes on ebay for £30) so will standard 7inch mini headligts fit?

Question 3: Don't really fancy another annual cleaning of the weller wheels followed by covering with hammerite so thought i masy treat them to a powder coat! Anyone know of anywhere i may get them done cheap? Have looked online and cheapest i've found is £240 per set of 4. seein as i could get a new set of wheels & tyres for less was hoping for £100 or so. Happy to shot blast them myself. I was given an elecrostatic magic DIY powder coating kit for xmas but haven't tried is yet and don't have an oven (got a baby belling) big enough to cok them in.

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Hi Tim, Mk1 and 2 are the same cable as I remember, if your cable goes into the stupid rubber adjuster.
The 7" headlamps on a mini are the same old mimi that is, as they are both the old Lucas type.
They is a company at westhoughton that does powder coating, VANDEN Powder Coating Ltd, 01942818953. No idea what it would cost.
i fitted a standared set 7"mini lights in my melos so they should be ok theres a few places near bathgate where i stay do wheel refurb @ £25 a wheel and thats them blasting them and coating any colour you want
Well Headlights done! Photo below. The iridium lenses look quite good with the yellowish gel coat. Only downside was the fixing ring had resuted away so ordered pair of new bowl kits only needed the ring in the end so bowls etc added to phaeton parts pile.

Had result with the handbrake cable. Finally got the car of the floor and found that the cable had slipped out of the bracket just in front of the axle. So the £6 ebay bargain can be added to the phaeton parts pile.

On the downside getting under the car meant i got up close and personal with all the rust on the chasis so i think a wire brush and hammerite session due shortly. Guess the wheel refurb will have to go on hold for now.
Looking good Tim, be nice to see a night photo.
Hiya try your local motorcycle shop, many bikers have wheels painted and have good idea of better deals.
I have explored my local industrial estates the older the better, and found exhaust pipe benders, welders, carpet warehouse.
They have all done little jobs as fill-ins and taken CASH even given me all my carpet for free.
All my carpet was edged for a tenner. and exhaust welding a tenner.

yes standard 7" lights fit, don't bother with sealed beam (two glow worms in a tin) but get the bulb type, if nowhere else do a search for fiat X1/9 parts will find you some headlights for you, £35 each for new ones last time i looked, cheaper second hand (if there are any left) but not dear or difficult to find. I resprayed my wellers myself and they still look good a year on, i have been to spray shops and spoken to the sprayers if they do back handers, most do and will do a decent job.
Don't know now if I am answering an old post, it's an age thing

Dave Taylor said:
Hi Tim
Just bought a set of angel Eyes for the Phaeton Mk1/Mk2 Escort E-bay No 400086678870 £29.00 + P&P. These are proper RH drive versions and not Bike head lamps.

I am having that senior moment again. Oh well!!
Any info is a bonus! Thanks for reply
Bit belated but here are the nightime pics of the iridium headlights



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