Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Just 1 week away from the first TND Tour of 2014 to the Peak District. Over next weekend you can follow progress on Twitter #TNDPeakdistricttour we'll try to post at every stop. 

Duttoneering starts on tour

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I could be the Support car on this trip if the DVLA don't get my tax disc back in time...

Did you not read the news letter from the FBHVC Dave? All you had to do was take it to the post office in Bolton...

Ade I spoke to DVLA and they said first registration had to be through Swansea, Now unless they changed it since last Tuesday. They also said no change would be concidered early as it did not become Law until the 1st April. I am sat here reading the FHBVC Newsletter and bubbling if what it says is true.

DVLA said it would take 10 days, So I posted the DOC's on Sunday as I was going to Belgium for the week. Fingers crossed.

Dave, RE the tax disk ive just looked at the post office site and it does say that they can issue tax disks where there is a change of taxation class, they send the V5 onto DVLA , so what the FHBVC newsletter sayes is correct.

dont you get 14 days grace?  after all if you get stopped by plod, they will check the DVLA database  it will show the vehicle is taxed, wont they just give you a " take your doc's to a police station of your choice" ?

there you are Mr Taylor,  theres your answer, the Royal Mail carrier Pidgeon   carrying your tax disk, has been shot down   by Mr Heasman, he has your tax disc, but its been shreaded  by buck shot. :)))))))))))))

Ade working like mad tonight to get the Leggy ready for MOT re-test tomorrow. We're all but ready for a good weekend.  

It failed on six items, not bad after sitting for 6 months without turning a wheel.

Horn, number plate lights, hand brake cable, lower front shock bushes (both). front off side brake hose twisted. passenger door not opening from the outside.

Horn, never gets used, so gone 'off' seems it might get some use at random intervals tomorrow.     

number plate lights were working but had a blue tint so they emit a whiter light, I will suggest that Nick, the MOT tester may wish to borrow my glasses...

Hand brake cable has dried out and can be fixed tomorrow.

one lower shock bush done tonight, improvised repair using triumph bush cut down to length. Thank heavens for the air wrench as I wouldn't have shifted it with a socket or spanner, The other will take an hour in the morning..

Passenger door actuating rod had fallen out, done that in ten minutes. 

But my favourite is the brake hose, its deliberately twisted so when it goes on right lock it curls like a spring, its passed like that for the last 7 years, if it doesn't curl it will foul on something. Why now does it become an issue? time for some nice new aeroquip ones soon I think.

So one shock bush, flexi pipe and handbrake cable left to get an MOT, then set about all the 'other' jobs that'll need doing before we set off.

Bring it on, met office says sunny tomorrow so I can take the roof off to repair ir, might even drop the side windows too.

Now down to just the hand brake cable and a horn, the two fitted at the moment are too far gone, time for some new ones. I'm going shopping.

Well that's the first tour of 2014 done, slow start and a couple of hitches for all the Dutton, but nothing that stopped us for long. The first part of the tour diary is posted on the TND website www.thenorthernduttoneers.350.com
Part two will be posted tonight with more photos.


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