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And thats where Daisy Dutton stayed until May 2020 and Lockdown. just a chance conversation with my Daughter boyfriend who said "I've got an engine lift if you want to get the motor out of the Dutton" So the rebuild started the weather was glorious pretty much the same as when I originally built her in 2003 from a scrap yard wreck.

The engine was out within an hour and in bits by teatime.

What was once the beating heart of Daisy Dutton is undergoing major surgery. Luckily picked up the bearing and not the crank so a new set of mains and big ends and that should sort it, I always run STP in the oil and that looks to have saved things.

When the oil pressure dropped there was also a loud banging coming from somewhere under the car, once the engine was out it was clear to see what that was, the engine mount bracket on the chassis and both engine mounts had given up, Luckily in the back of the stores I had a new pair of mounts and after a go with the mental melting sticking together machine.

Repair done to the engine chassis mount and extra bracket to give a bit more strength. Also welded a baffle into the sump and lifted the pick up pipe 13 mm from the bottom of the sump, if you look closely you can see an arc on the sump base where the pick up had been rubbing, didn’t help keeping oil pressure steady. Mr Kerswell please don’t look to closely at my welding.

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A bit of porting done, I never matched this manifold to the engine when I fitted it a few years ago. She should breath easier now
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Just a quick heads up if you are changing a water pump on a X-Flow make sure this water hole is clear and not blocked. No idea how long it’s been blocked on mine and it took some clearing I used a 3” length of Bowden cable in the Dremel, just be carefully switch it off before pulling it out as it turns into a flail. See attached photo



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