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Clocks sprung forward, the weather sprung back, tipping it down, blowing a hoolie and cold, could it be Easter is coming, all the campers are getting excited at pitching in the rain etc. I want to blast about in the B+. Looks like a  day in the cave.

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Not far off being finished

looking good, Dave. Is Dolly in there already?

Not yet James, Daisy is still sitting outside, I started fitting the up and over tonight, but as it had been taken out by someone else its a bit of a jigsaw. Tonight managed to find the correct fitting instructions, so that should make life easier. Powered up the opener and that works too. More cladding coming Monday, to get the build finished.

Electrician coming over the weekend to connect it to the house mains, already got 30 amp to the back wall, that should power the welder.

that one next door looks like one good shove and it will fall down... ;-)

Hey, I'll have you know that little old shed as been a god send while we re-built the cottage, it is snuff dry inside. But as soon as the big one is finished it's going in the skip.

It's already expanded, this is Cumbria it pisses down most days.

You probably want to get that weather proofed before the remains of the hurricane get here in a week's time.

lol, A hurricane just went up the east coast of Florida today. Some very heavy rain here on the west coast so the old girl has stayed in the garage. She will be back on the road tomorrow. :-)

It had winds up to about 100 miles per hour and delivered up to 15 inches of rain on the east coast of Florida. Never seen one travel up the coast without actually coming onto the land like this on did. Here on the west coast of Florida we got some rain and wind gusts up to about 20 miles per hour. We were very lucky.

glad you ok jim. i did wonder if you had been affected :-)

Cracking morning, I laid in until 8. Missed the trip to the last show of the year. Have to go on my own :-)

Still in the mid 80's here in Florida and humid as hell. Supposed to be in the upper 70's and less humid this weekend. It will be a great time to take the old girl out this weekend! Summer is finally starting to end but back in the 80's and humid next week.


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