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TURBO F1-Z Supercharger Dual Double Turbonator Air Intake Fuel Saver Turbo Charger Fan


I am thinking about buying this to put on my Phaeton to help increase the horsepower: https://www.wish.com/#cid=57e27aa0a2e14135e5368e06. Do you folks think that this may make a difference on my old girl?

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Looking on ebay there are some which claim 196W and 250 cfm. I think that the 196W is the electrical power used when the motor is stalled so I'd expect that to deliver maybe as much as 100W of useful pumping, maybe less. 250cfm would be sufficient for any of our engines (apart from Daryl's V8) because 250cfm should equate to over 200bhp.

Some are advertised for mowers and motorbikes, and some are for mini-cars and claim 100W motors. In the pictures, some of the centrifugal fan ones are fitted so that they suck through the carb. That might work, a little.

To get significant power increases, say 30% or so, then you'd probably need about 6psi which would require that the electric motor provides about 7 hp (about 5kW) for a 1700cc engine. That is probably more difficult to sort out than fitting a real turbocharger.

Thanks for all the input on this guys. I can get this for only $11 but it sounds like it will create no addition to the horsepower.


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