Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

hello guys,

i am looking for xflow engine block or non running engine for my project upgrade.

any ideas where i can get one cheap?

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Hey Paulius,

just had a look on the German online platforms, but unfortunately there's no sole xflow block available currently. All I could find was some left over Dutton parts including a 1600 xflow block with CBR bike carbs. But it's far from cheap (1.500€). It includes all parts shown on the pictures.


What I have in my backyard are 1600 and 2000 Ford OHC / Pinto engine.

What's wrong with your current engine? I really like your bike carb mod videos ;)

engine runs fine, just want to rebore +0.060", alredy have now flat head with biggest 41.3mm inlet and 34mm outlet valves, ported, solid block rocker, double valve springs.

my curent engine is 691m, now thinking what to do. invest money into not the best block and machine it or buy other block and rebuild it and have back up 691m engine.

what about pinto and zetec engines, we have plenty them here, but xflow ir rare one....

regarding collection there is no problems, i live in Lithuania, but i can arrange van to your place (i work in international transportation company)


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