Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

According to FB we are now trailing our replacement NING site on FB. I don't think so, Mark I have no problem with you starting a FB site for Dutton Owners, but stop making out that it is replacing this site.

WE have been getting along on here for many years, THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL FORUM FOR THE DOC, it is a private site.

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There is no need for this!

I set it up saying it was a trial etc as people were talking about it. I made it very clear I never wanted to step on people toes etc and felt I was been very diplomatic. Why couldn't you just have PM rather than this type of message on here and on FB. As soon as I saw your FB post I changed it within 60 seconds. Yes you were correct but it could have moved. Apologies to you anyone if I have offended them by creating this on other peoples suggestions.

I hope this is the end of the subject now

To be clear, the FB group is nothing to do with this private Ning forum

Same old, same old, Dave :(  Somebody doesn't like the Dutton community here, so they are trying to change it because they think it changes the Dutton community LOL. There's absolutly know need to migrate from this site.

Mark, that you made the statement that you didn't want to 'step on peoples toes' only shows you knew what you were doing would do just that, driving a wedge into the community to break it up. As you said 'there is no need for this' !


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