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Autotested. Mission Complete.

Cool. As you've probably seen from the photo elsewhere, we got the car running, got it to an Autotest, and survived the day with nobody dying in the process. Which is great because that was the goal.

Buy broken and neglected kit car, sort it, Autotest it.

Sweet. First project in a while that's not been aborted or ended up in general disaster. However, it's far from the end of the tale. Because I was so unspeakably shite at the Autotest that I now intend to do…


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Running much better now!

Ok, you probably read in my technical question about me breaking the pump injector in the carb, and having to hike down to Fife to pick up a replacement carb to rob the part from.

I'm delighted to report that it has been worth it!

Took the new (still old and used, but new to me) carb apart and retrieved the pump injector. It's in great nick - didn't even need to free it off or de-gunk it. Carb in general was pretty good nick, much better than mine at the outset.…


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Running, but not brilliantly.

So, where did I leave off...? Oh yes, carb stripped, cleaned out and back together.

With the carb strapped back on, I again attached a bottle of clean fuel to the inlet of the fuel pump. Lots of cranking later (probably to refill the float chamber) she fired into life, didn't even need any throttle. Excellent. There is, however, a squeak somewhere at the gearbox end of the engine. A lot like a fan belt noise, but from the wrong place. And there's an intermittent grumble from…


Added by Roy Kemp on July 3, 2015 at 20:55 — 8 Comments

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