Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I looking for a S2 build manual. Do anyone know where I can find one? An S1 och S3 can be helpful as well 


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I too would like whatever information is available.

Apparently on http://www.duttonownersclub.co.uk there are copies of the build manuals, or at least what info can be gathered, in the members pages section.

On that note does this forum have anything to do with the running of that site? I signed up and paid for membership at the same time as I signed up to this forum (over a month ago now). From what I gathered the login details for the website are in the newsletter/magazine/whatever and I am still awaiting my copy of the latest issue. Anyone know anything about this?

That'll be my fault... Sorry Toby. Been a bit busy sorting VAT returns and stuff in the shop. If you need a manual I can mail one ...or all of them if you want.

Hi Adrian, I know it's an old post from 2017. I'm about to mount the pinto engine in my S3. There is no engine suspension, so I could really use everything found by building manuals on the S3 or other model. Can you mail me?


I'll sort out manuals.

Here is a link to Mr G's dutton site, specifically Paul Sheridan's restoration of his S2. May prove useful to both of you gents.


Bookmarked, I shall give it a full read over the weekend...hopefully anyway.

Also no worries about the owners club membership delay. Also a general thanks for managing it, it must be hard work to stay on top of along with everything else life throws at us.

If you could email over the S2 specifically and any others that you feel may be useful.


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