Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Taking my 6 year old grandson back home on Saturday, we were chatting about a the BMW Z4 that was in front of us, he went quiet for a while, then chirped up with...... Grandpa, when you die can I have your car (ref the S2) !!   I said to him, you will have to learn how to mend cars first. Again he went quiet, before coming out with .... Grandpa, can you teach me how to mend cars before you die.

Makes me smile every time I think about it!  

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I have a 7 year old great grand son and a 4 year old, neither have ever known their father, so its up to me to educate them, from swimming to fixing things. They are in to Mecanno and love nuts and bolts, spanners etc. So fingers crossed some of it will rub off.


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