Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

MOT this morning for Daisy Dutton, and she passed with flying colours. Which I must admit surprised me. So new 12 month ticket in hand, tax disc at end of month, and she will move to Cumbria with the rest of us.
Did have chance to lay a couple of elevens down the road. Big Daft Grin.

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I assume you are printing your own tax disc then...

TAX IN PAST is the only disc I need Ade
Yes Martin she is historic, but you still have to renew every year.
Yes it can be done online now it is registered as historic.
I won't be at Stoneleigh, I will be travelling to Belgium on the Sunday for a week of sales meeting, needless to say I am not happy.
Mind you I don't think I would be at Stoneleigh anyway, I don't see any reason to be there nowt will change, and that's not because I won't be there to vote. Just a waste of good fuel.
No walking stick now Daryl, bionic knee works perfectly, the loud pedal hits the floor again...
I know that Daryl, but to be honest, nothing as changed in the last half dozen years. The same members will come out of the woodwork and stand in the corners with nothing to say. No I'll not miss anything, and let's face it if you need parts, online is easier.

What? there's a postal vote? 

Daryl it doesn't get a mention anywhere else


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