Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I was thinking about when my two Duttons were actually made by the factory. I assume that the Dutton chassis numbers form just one sequence and that they were numbered in the order that they were manufactured, not the order that they were sold. That would mean that they would probably go in batches, e.g. 20 Phaetons with sequential numbers, then 20 Meloses, etc. Has anyone collected this data and worked out when each of the Duttons was made, even approximately. All I have are the registration dates of my two cars, so we know that they were manufactured before that date, but how long did the build up take?


My two cars were:
M4953 Registered 01/05/1986 (has integrated side lights, not the separate ones)
L6303 Registered 08/05/1991

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I'll look into yours for you James, see what I can find out.

All chassis numbers do run in sequence however there is no pattern as they were made to customer order.

Based on the date of Ade's Legerra, for which he has the receipt, it looks like my Legerra was supplied in 1989 which was the year that Dutton broke up and various models were sold to other companies. Tim Dutton-Woolley retained the Legerra in his new company called Partex Discount. Does anyone know if the chassis numbers were kept in sequence after that?

To the best of my knowledge the numbering continues to this day with the amphibs although I could be mistaken. Maybe someone with an amphib will sign up and let us know or maybe someone could write to Tim and ask him?

my chassis number is or appears to be in sequence, it is a Scorhill Dutton Legerra (after Tim Dutton sold them on) weirdly the Chassis number is L6291 before Adrians car above, it was first registered June 1997 for some reason my original bill of sale with sales brochure from Scorehill is missing but i believe the car took 3 years to build from the purchase date.

I believe that DVLA will not allow manufacturers to choose their own numbers rather they must comply with the new 17 digit standard, it may still be possible to continue the "sequence" in the last 6 digits of the number...

Probably right about that Dave, but I bet Tim still 'serial numbers' each one.

My B+ never had a chassis number until it was about 10 years old. It was a competition car, I have traced it back so far then it all becomes muddy. The chassis number on the V5 bears no resemblance to anything  Dutton has done before or since it was acquired.

The last Legerra on my list of chassis numbers is 6335., of the last 10 numbers I have recorded, 5 were Legerra's.

What's the last Phaeton number you have on record?


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