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Well chaps after months of hard work I finally got the Sierra moted. Anyway took her out I've put a couple of hundred miles on her in the last few days and today well the propshaft bearing has gone bye bye. so unfortunately it's going to be the BMW to the show and the wee sierra will have to stay at home :'(:'(

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A 4 speed with a two piece prop daryl.

Honestly James I would have preferred it to go on route home AA my boy Im desperate to get it there.

Absolutely agree Brian just a wee bit gutted that's all..

That is a terrible pity, but better to happen now than to go as you are leaving Stoneleigh to go home.

allways teathing problems after a restore, dont trust it untill its done 2000 miles. mine was the same. broke down about 5 times. tps sensor . fuel tank return, alt came lose. ....you will get their 

Changed mine for a one piece, still got the old'un if it's any good i'll fetch it down sunday?

Is there a propshaft place 'local' to you? you've got both ends on the two piece and the centre bearing is rocking horse poo.

Thanks Ade I think we've mcgivered up a short term repair. I've got a one piece prop here of a rx8 I'm gonna have it modified when I get home buddy. But I genuinely appreciate the offer of the prop shaft..

Bailey Morris will be at the show
VERY good at what they do an kit car friendly as the boss has built kits.
" might" still be open an able to phone an get a exchange replacement at the show ???

Oh well she never said it but it was a valiant effort lol


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