Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I was wondering is there a register for live and we'll dutton cars. Now I'm not talking about Robin hoods on dutton books. I'm mean real as I am duttons. Between me and couple of my friends we have a V8 s1 phaeton. A 2ltr s1 phaeton a 2ltr maliga and my Sierra. I've had a look about recently and can't find any sort of register for the cars. Perhaps and I do mean perhaps if there is such a thing maybe this would only help duttons stay duttons if you now what I mean. There really can't be too many cars left. And I think the Sierra's had suffered big losses due to being escort based. 

Thanks for reading my rant

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Running it on those 27" all terrains was like driving with a gyroscope on each corner at speed, they developed momentum all by themselves. 13's look tiny though unless you run huge tyres, not the current 'look' people go for. 

I looked at various alloy wheels as the cheapest size to buy tyres in is 185 or 195 15 but no-one seems to make a wheel with RWD offset apart from minilite replicas and they are silly money.

Go on eBay and look up xxr alloys really good quality and look great. And not overpriced either.

Some nice wheel rims on there but big sizes for a Dutton.

I've got 18's on my Transit.


14's on my Legerra

Not my best side.

and 15's on the Phaeton that's in the workshop being restored.


I think i've got about 10 sets of wheels in the unit some in 4's and a couple of 5's. Took me ages to settle on a set i really liked on the Legerra.

I like 18" wheels on anything. My transit has them. And my golf 20v turbo. I'm actually thinking of breaking the golf from the engine.its mapped to stage one with a 3" miltech exhaust 4bar fuel presure regulator cold air induction kit atmospheric dump valve hybrid turbo front mount intercooler. And it still looks like a standard gti. But the setup would be good in a kit car. Just not sure what gearbox too use.

I've got 15" wheels on my dutton. Love the look of 18" wheels but yeah I agree with you about the handling. My golf handled better on 16" wheels with a slightly larger profile of tyre. But my wee van it all about the look it's just a fishing wagon...


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