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So last thursday week I won an auction for a set of wheels and tyres for £23... ridiculously cheap for what they are. I messaged the seller asking if he wanted cash or paypal hoping to collect on my way back from Kent on the saturday / sunday. I did not get a response from the seller. I got back here and paid by paypal to make sure the item was secured and he couldn't welch on the deal. That was sunday.

During the course of this week I have sent numerous messages, offered to collect today or tomorrow, offered to collect by courier, sent him text messages and finally tried to phone him only to get cut off by either a dodgy signal his end or by the seller himself. I want the items I purchased, I don't want to get a refund. 

I checked his previous listings and found the same photo selling the same item completed on the 15th of sept but no feedback as to why they were never collected. Now I'm becoming a little suspicious and more than a little irked with the lack of communication. I haven't attempted to phone him again and before I do thought i'd impart this sorry tale to you guys. Obviously the price isn't what the guy was hoping for and he may be ignoring me hoping I will just 'go away' and get my money back from paypal. 

Anyone got any nice ideas for payback for pissing me about?

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I haven't finished with this one yet .... muahahaha..

Found some more at silly prices too, got to have the right attitude as well as the right price. God knows if they will be any good in the snow however they have to be better than the 'summer' tyres that are currently fitted.

whats the old saying, if it sounds  too good to be true, 9 of to 10 times it is too good to be true 

would you like him to get a visit from the toytown heavies, no one crosses noddy and big ears and lives to tell about it, why else do you think they never get any problems in toytown :))))))))))))))))) 

Thanks for the offer but no. That would be naughty.

I really hope he re-lists when they give him his ebay account back.

Got my serious head on now :),  looks like i might have an ebay problem myself, after contacting the seller and obtaining their agreement  i sent back the faulty coil for immediate replacement, as  the seller called it, now nearly 16 days later dispite emails, nothing heard back  from the seller, and no replacement coil .i,ve checked on their ebay site, they have them in stock   i;ve never used this firm before, they normally do land rover, but the coils are the same as hi spark ,and a good make, and states for ford, renault volvo etc on the box   

Do you have the original item number, contact number for the seller (I assume he is retail) date of purchase and all that blab... 

1st step would be to telephone him, make sure he received the coil.

Happy to say my problem has been sorted, the replacement turned up, silly sods disdnt put my flat number on the package, so i had to nip down to the sorting depot to  collect it.

Talking eBay I see the dodgey hill climb car is back on there.


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