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Guys a lot of you are using the what brings you here status to comment in, which is difficult to follow a thread or review a thread from earlier posts. Status is the only heading it is given and just fills up the page quickly. remember it's not FB or Tw*tter thank God. Thanks


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We keep hearing that threads are hard to follow on this site caused by using the status text bar, it fills the screen rapidely. If you want info on a subject or a disscusion start a new topic all topics are searchable and much easier to follow.

Best regards

The Thought Police

no hard feelings DT since you seem to have a sense of humour about the whole thing......

Dave I love a joke and a laugh with anyone PC or not, but it is a car site and just seems to get highjacked and taken off topic. Anyway no hard feelings Cheers. See even I have gone off topic...

It doesn't matter how many topics are posted on here they are searchable, but the status bar is like Faceache or Tw*tter .

Tim is looking into an upgrade on here as we now have a waiting list of 4 new members. more news on that to follow.

the upgrade package is quite pricey at £18 a month over the £2.50 odd it is now. i not convinced that it is worth it.. a  few quid more perhaps but an extra £15 odd quid for at best a score or more extra members? shame as it is popular on here.

seems a bit drastic...why?

i mean its the way topics move about like a conversation that makes this forum so active, it also provides some good advice whilst it is at it as well. leaving dont solve problems staying and changing from within is where it is at.

so it gets lively, great that is just showing the vibrancy of the whole forum surely.

It is a sure bet that many of the members registered, no longer have a Dutton or even bother keeping an eye on what is going on in Dutton world. You could send out a group email to all members, from the administrators dashboard, and see who replies, and from there work out if the membership could be thinned out so the new members waiting to join, can get in and start getting the benefit of what is on offer.

Just a thought.    

The upgrade to the next level comes in at £169, and gives so much more, that's just over £1 per person on here now. Dave don't know what you,re comparing, but it is not a score more members it's up to 9850 members and much more. You constantly knock the site, but seem to spend more time than anyone on here, you rave about Mr G's but hardly post on there, perhaps if the DOC site worked or got updated maybe that would be more to your liking, you could even have a hand in rebuilding the DOC. Seems to me you're happy to knock others for trying to keep the marque going at their own expense I might add. Tim built this site for the good of the Dutton Marque and keeping it alive, which it does. I don't see topics on Mr G's or other car sites like the ones posted on here. It's a car site. When and if the upgrade happens there will be a private chat room where your opinions can be aired to these who want to listen. 1 serious Dutton owner as asked to be removed from the site.

the score of extra members is the likely extra we will get, our membership isn't huge and even the 150 odd limit of members here don't post often. its down to about 60-70 regular posters. i am fully aware that the limit for the upgrade is 10000 members and w would never fill it, we would struggle to get the 300 members of the DOC if we are honest. my problem isnt with the membership but this particular style of forum, its hard to track topics and searching the forum is not easy either. my opinion on that subject is only given when the topic is raised, and since opinions are asked for i'll give them. i do as much as anyone to promote the marque, and a deal more than most.

as for costs, this topic was discussed at last years AGM for some time and the funding of this site was discussed in particular and it was felt by the membership present (more than a few are members of this site) that the club could not fund it at present until we look into the web site and club forum and see what is needed or best for the club. there was talk of taking over this site as the DOC's own (with tim's permission) but that was also put on hold. I dont knock tims efforts i applaud them, i defend the DOC's position which took a vote and decided how we would proceed, and as club secretary i have to defend the democratic decision taken by the membership. I also feel that it is my job to represent that view when appropriate, and until the membership vote otherwise i will continue to do so.

as for upgrading the DOC site this is something i am quite active in trying to do, but i am not the club web master and we must let him do the job he was elected to. i cannot force the issue, but i make frequent phone calls to committee members on this subject, if you feel so strongly do i see a hand going up to to the job?

to be fair a fair amount of the topics discussed here (car related) are covered on MrG's forum, that forum is little used and of all the recent posts there i am also amongst the most frequent posters....as i am also on the official DOC site.

I use this site because its busy and i feel i have something of value to give, i dont have to like it. but being a democrat i go with the majority, and if their here then so am i.

I feel you have unfairly pointed the finger at me here and misrepresented my views.

Your views are here to see and read so the finger stay pointing. If the webmaster on the DOC site can't do his bit then get him to put his hand up and resign. I would not want the task as I do not have the knowledge to write the sort of Website the DOC needs. Perhaps there are funds in the DOC account that could pay for someone to build a site, or as Derek is having a go why not fund the software and PC for him to do the job, Will the DOC accounts be published in the next DT be interesting to see, for the last few years the club as been dorment online and if Ade wasn't updating the website from time to time the only activity of the DOC would be a copy of DT twice a year. suppose it's a good job this site is here keeping the flame glowing.

Can we just get back to what the site is about, discusion is good and the odd political comment is OK, but come on the stuff that's going on here at the moment is very much what you would expect on Facebook.

Please let's get back to what Duttoneering is about.

Now how's the rebuild of your car going?

For all intents and purposes, this site IS the Dutton Ownwers Club, because we are all here !! I am quite prepared to chip in for an upgrade.  I think that I am the only person who now updates my thread over on Mr G's, but according to the veiwing counter it is still being read ..... 5450 to date :-)  

In the past i used to look on Mr G's  site for Melos related posts,  but it hardly seemed to used, for the last few years where as  this site is up to date, and any help is readily availible  thats why i prefer to post on here than any other dutton site,  ,Whilst this is a Dutton car site, and 99 per cent of posts are to do with dutton related things, i think that there is a place for non dutton  things also  , how else can you really get to know how fellow members think if everything is about just cars  as long as it doesnt detract, i wonder if thats why steve has asked to be taken off the list, i must admit that if all we chatted about was our cars it might get boring  , but thats only my point of view  


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