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Hi all,

Due to a forthcoming Puma engine conversion on the RS Trainer, it looks like I'm going to end up with a glut of Puma spares, including a spare 1.7 engine.

And, with the 1800 CVH in the Dutton being well overdue for an upgrade, cunning plans are starting to form.

So, as the Zetec SE is a funny bolt pattern, does anyone know of a readily-available adaptor plate or bellhousing to get the Zetec SE on my MT75 transmission? I know there's one available for the Type 9, but I want to keep the MT75.

Or, do I punt the spare 1.7 engine for £100 and just look for a 2.0 zetec with the right bolt pattern?


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Roy when you say Puma engine do you mean the engine from a Ford Puma or the 'Puma' diesel engine?

The Zetec SE / Sigma 1.7 from a Ford Puma.

yeah the focus uses the IB5 gearbox the Mondeo uses the MTX75


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