Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

If you find yourself near a newsagent this weekend you might want a peek inside the May issue of Classic and Sports Car magazine – page 189 features my freshly rebuilt Melos. Really pleased to have got an old Dutton into the pages of C&SC, will take some pics and post on here when I can.

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Good one Paul, looks a good car. Great to see Dutton's getting recognition.

Whats really impressive is the fact that it's in a classic car magazine, well done Paul.

I think that with the quality of the restorations currently in progress and those recently completed such as your self, Mr Bosworth and Mr Sheridan, the reputation of the marque might actually stand a small chance of improving. Not before time too. :)

I shall have to see if I can get a copy. Well done. Probably about time to update your profile picture, do you think?

Ha! Yes, probably. Nice to be reminded where it came from, mind. :)


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