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I need a little Help !!!!

The rear axle from Alexas Malaga is down,

The 650km journey through the Swiss mountains and passes were a bit too much for the little banjo axle.

Wheel bearings and seals must be replaced.

Now I need to know, what year and what type of the axis.
The following is the differential.

73 AG 402 SCAT 3 I


Width: 1205mm approx

thx for help


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I am sorry to hear this tom. my wheel bearings on my axle were replaced very easily by my local motor factors for not a lot of money, i think some where in the region of £50-60 for both bearings. a little bit of a hassle to remove the old bearings but very easy to fit.

Having just done mine, the hardest bit is getting the old bearings off, i had to resort to angle grinder and very carefully  cut the old bearing to release it  but as long as you take care its not hard to do .

I,m not sure what Tom has done, but short of machining the bearing or the casing, you can not fit a german bearing into an english axle  it will not fit   and i dont like the idea of removing any metal from either .

this is one area that i certainly would not mess around with, the proper bearings are dirt cheap, £15.00 each  dont know what the postage  to germany would be, but its got to be cheaper than risking a bent half shaft, or the wheel coming adrift . It could be  where its been translated, but Tom, what you have said, using shims  does not sound safe 


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